Donor Profiles


The Drzik family joined the Gill St. Bernard's community in 2009 when daughter Lara '17 entered the fifth grade. From the outset, Ann and John were impressed with the personal attention their daughter received from all of her teachers and the exciting extracurricular opportunities that were available to her. The family also loved the beautiful campus and the warm school community. Ann and John grew to appreciate the school's emphasis on development of the whole person through academics, extracurricular activities and social and emotional learning, and were happy to be a part of this close-knit community


"It was clear the school had built a community where our children could flourish. We saw firsthand the great work that Gill was doing. When we were asked to consider a significant gift for the Performing Arts Center, we were happy to help. We feel comfortable entrusting financial resources to this smart, experienced, dedicated team, and it is always reassuring to donate to organizations that are on the rise."


James and Olivia O’Connor enrolled their twin daughters, Stella and Zoe, in pre-kindergarten at Gill St. Bernard’s in the fall of 2007. Since that first year at Gill, they have been active participants in school activities, as well as loyal donors to the school. Wanting to help make Gill the best they could for their girls, as well as helping the school move forward with its vision, has allowed the family to become an integral part of helping to Deliver the Future:


“Philanthropy is important to us and we are fortunate to be in a position to support worthy organizations. We will only support causes that have a clear mission and proven track record for meeting their goals. For that reason, Gill remains our number one philanthropic priority. Since our first campaign gift to our most recent one, the school has proven that it remains true to its mission and looks to positively affect the education that our children and every child at Gill receives, and keep an eye to the future as well. We see it as a gift for us – and for future generations.”


For more than a decade, John and Valerie Raymonds have been making significant contributions to schools or other nonprofit organizations that work to improve the lives of children and young adults. Gill St. Bernard’s has been one of the organizations lucky enough to benefit from their philanthropic generosity since their youngest son Matt joined Gill in third grade. The Raymonds inspire by example – through generosity and a willingness to step up and contribute without being asked:


“We didn’t need to be asked to make a gift to Gill. For us, it was as simple as being part of the community. To enhance an already great experience – for our son and for future students – that is something we want to be a part of. If you find as we have that you benefit from something GSB has given to you, find a way to give back and hopefully make the experience even better for others.”